Pure Barre Arm Workouts For Toned Arms


Your arms can be the most visible part of your body. So, obviously, you would want it to look good. But making it a good look doesn’t have anything to do with beauty products. You will need to get through exercise and workouts to make your arms look a lot better than they are. 

That’s why we are here to give you a pure barre arm workout plan you can follow for toned arms. This workout plan is very easy to do, and you will only need minutes of your day to do this one. And if you feel like this isn’t enough for you, then we have some extra exercises you can do for better-looking arms.

First of all, let’s get through the workout plan and how to do them properly. 

Barre Arm Workout Plan 

You can do all of these exercises from the barre workout at home. You don’t need any equipment. Just some lightweight dumbbells will be enough for this whole workout. The entire workout is set up with six different exercises. Before you get into them, you can always opt for warm-up exercises to get your body going. Also, you can add a little HIIT session at the end of the workout for more intensity.

Pure Barre Arm Workout

Now, let’s get through the 6 exercises you will be doing here and how to do them as well. 

High bicep curls:

As you get from the name, this one will be targeting your biceps. Toned and sculpted biceps can really make a difference in how your arms actually look. To do this one, you will need two dumbbells weighing about 3 to 5 pounds. So, pick up two dumbbells and stand with your legs wide apart. Now straighten your arms and keep them parallel to the ground. Then curl up your right arm up to your shoulders and keep the other arm straight. Then straighten your right arm and curl up the left one. Keep repeating this for 30 seconds. This affects your biceps and shapes them up beautifully.

Front Rows:

To do this one, you just have to bend a little forward from the waist. Then keep your arms in front of your straight. Make sure your palms are facing each other. Keep your belly engaged in this one for better results. Now, pull on those weights and push your elbow behind your body. You will see the weights getting up to your chest. Then straighten your hands once again. Keep doing this for 30 seconds without any break. This one works one your triceps and gives you a better shape from the back of your arms. 

90-degree shoulder pulses:

This one is relatively easier than the other ones. Bend your arms in a 90-degree angle around the elbow. Make sure your upper arm is parallel to the ground. Now, get your arms up high while keeping the bend in your elbows. Then get back to the normal state and keep repeating this. You will need to do this for 30 seconds to feel the burn around your shoulders. This one has a high impact on your shoulder for shaping them up very nicely. It’s also a better choice to do this one immediately after the bicep curls.  

Triceps dips:

Another exercise to sculpt your triceps. Pick up the weights and lift up your hands above your head. Make sure your hands are straight and tall. Now, bend your elbows and bring your hands behind your head. You have to be careful not to bend or move your upper arms or elbows. Keep them straight and in line with your body. Then straighten your arms and keep repeating this for 30 seconds. You will soon feel the burn in your triceps. So, before you begin doing this, maybe some stretches around the triceps will make things easier for you in this exercise.

T hammer curls:

We suggest doing this one before the triceps dips. This is pretty easy to do, as well. All you need to do is extend your arms wide open. This will create a T shape with your body. Now, from that position, curl up your elbows and bring them inwards, so the weights touch your shoulders. Make sure your palms are facing the way you are looking at it. Then from that position, go back to widening your arms. Keep repeating this for about 30 seconds to feel the burn in your biceps and elbows. 

Chest press:

This is the last exercise of the workout session, just like the T hammer curls keep your hands wide open. Then curl them up on the elbows. From that position, move your upper arms in the direction of the inward. Keep the hands in the middle of your body and then go back to the wide position. Make sure the 90-degree angle on your elbows stay the same way as they are. Also, keep your arms facing each other on the midline. Keep doing this for 30 seconds. You will feel your shoulder muscles hitting a point on this one. 

As you can see, the whole circuit takes just about 3 minutes of your day. But that won’t be effective for you at all. You will need to do the entire circuit 3 to 4 times at least because the exercises here aren’t challenging at all. They are pretty easy to do, and you will get through them in no time. We suggest doing repeating the whole circuit until you get tired.

You can also increase the intensity by using heavier weights, or more duration in each of the exercise. Also, you can do the whole circuit as many times as you want. Because it’s a pretty easy to do workout session we suggest adding a HIIT cardio session for better impact in your body. 

After you are done with this barre workout plan, you can do some additional barre exercises for toning your arms. Remember this is some additional exercises we are talking about they aren’t part of the actual workout plan. 

Barre Exercises List

So, here goes some basic barre exercises that can help you structure your arms correctly.


Well, there isn’t much to define swimming. This is considered as an excellent exercise for your whole body. We include this one here because there are small movements in swimming, but they have a lot of impact on your hands. This is the basic of barre exercises, after all. Swimming affects your forearms, biceps and your shoulders immensely to give your much more toned arms. We hope we don’t need to tell you how to swim here. 

Shoulder Walks:

This is a pretty effective barre exercise you can do at home. First of all, pick up your dumbbells or weights in your hands. Then stand straight with your feet close to each other. Don’t put much pressure on your stance. Now, straighten your arms and make sure your palms are facing each other. Then, keep one arm down and lift one arm above your head. You have to keep your hand straight all the time and don’t bend your elbows at all. As you bring your one arm down, raise the lower arm up as if you are marching. Make this motion smoothly. Then keep repeating this for a minute. It’s beneficial for your shoulders.

Revere Pushup:

This one is a very useful exercise for your arms and also your core. This mainly hits the triceps the most. Just place your hands on the floor and lift your body up. Keep all the body weight on our hands. You must ensure that your arms are completely straight to your shoulders. Don’t put much stress on your legs. Try to keep your body straight and support your whole body with just the arms. Then hold the position for a while and get back down. Keep repeating this for about 30 reps. This one will have a high impact on your triceps, biceps, and also help you strengthen your core as well.

You can do these exercises if you are done with your complete barre arm workout. They are very helpful and effective for getting faster results. The secret of working out is, the more you do it, the faster you get to your goals.


“Small movements, big results” is a very basic concept of barre workouts. Here, we guided you towards a pure barre arm workout session and also gave you a guide for faster results. The additional exercises are obviously optional. But you can always swim after a workout to ease your tension, right? 

Hopefully, this workout will help you get your desired sculpted arms you always wanted to have. We kept things pretty easy as many of the people wanting sculpted arms will be beginners. Make sure to stick to the routine and be determined about your goals.

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