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Buying a Halloween costume may cost you a large amount of money, and also it may take a long time. You don’t need to spend enough money to buy Halloween costumes if you can learn how to do makeup. That’s the whole purpose of this Halloween makeup tutorial.

Many of the best Halloween looks can depend on your eye shadow, lipsticks, brushes, and all the other makeup items that you already have in your makeup bag. You will also need fake blood and face paint too.

To get a perfect look, you need patience and creativity definitely. Without creativity, you cannot make your makeup look unique. You can completely transform yourself into a scary, bold, cute, even silly character.

If you are a newbie, then you don’t need to get tensed. Cause these ideas on my list will be really easy for newbies also.

Easy Halloween Makeup Tutorial For Beginners

Here, I will write about 3 Halloween makeup ideas that will definitely help you and not cost too much, or you can say budget-friendly Halloween makeup. They are pretty easy to follow through. Anyone can get them done at home. And what you are looking for in Halloween makeup is the horrifying face. Well, you get that perfectly with these looks.

1. Spider Queen Halloween Makeup:

Halloween Makeup Tutorial

You are going to start off this makeup by laying a base from the bottom of your face. The color of the base must be black to a grey kind of gradient. Apply black paint at the edge of the bottom of your face with a brush like a jawline. Keep doing it until you get the black, highly pigmented color.

After this, take out your brush and blend out the harsh edges where the black meets your skin. Blend your brush in an upward motion. It will give your makeup look a super nice transition between the black and the skin color.

Now take a face crayon and draw little spiders on your face. Take an eyeliner to draw their feet. You need to highlight these little spiders, so take white ink liner and highlight the little spider bodies. The benefit of highlighting is going to make it look more realistic and scarier.

Apply brown eye shadow on your eyes and make a crease of it. And then put some black eyeshadow on your lash line and smoke out it. Use a highlighter on the corner of your eyes. Take an eyeliner and line up your waterline. Finally, complete the look with some fake eyelashes.

2. Billie Eilish Inspired Halloween Makeup:

Halloween Makeup Tutorial

This creepy makeup look is from the music video “when the party is over” by Billie Eilish. Actually, it is pretty easy to recreate, and you can easily do this makeup at your home.

So, you can start off with this look with some primer on your face. Apply the foundation and conceal the different parts of your face. Then use some setting powder to avoid excess oils and make it look smooth. Keep your lip really simple for this look, so I am suggesting you apply a lighter shade. Now take black contact lenses and wear them to complete your Halloween eye makeup.

Use black eye blood paint that is specially made for the eyes, so it is going to be safe for your eyes. Apply the paint on your tear duct area. You need to make it look organic and real as much as you can.

You need a little dropper and let fall the paint. You can do it in your own pattern also. Apply some of it on your shoulders, too, as Billie did in her music video. She actually drank some of the black colors. So, make it with black good coloring and water and apply it to your mouth. That’s it; you are done with your makeup.

3. Fairy Halloween Makeup:

Halloween Makeup Tutorial

For this makeup look, you need a glitter makeup set and also makeup cream. You can quickly get them online or at stores near you. So, starting this makeup look with a base like foundation, concealer and face powder, and some eyebrows.

Now take a sponge and make it wet, then take the pink shade of face paint and apply it on your cheeks with the help of a sponge. Repeat the same thing for your other cheek, nose, and on your eyelids too. Get another sponge and make it wet and take the purple face paint. Apply the purple paint to the same places where you did not apply the pink paint.

Be sure that you are mixing them together.

Take the cream makeup, or you can use white ink liner to draw stars and the dots on your face. Draw the dots on the eyelids of your eyes and do the stars on your cheekbones and nose. And also, do some dots to fill the blank space.

Apply your fake lashes and mascara. Put the eyeliner and draw a line. Use a pink shade of lipstick and also lip gloss to make it more glamorous. Take some glitters and, with the help of a sponge, apply it on your nose, cheekbones, and also in your eyelids. After that, apply some light highlighter shades on your lips, and your makeup is done.

These Halloween makeup looks are pretty easy to follow through. With these looks, you won’t need any other costume or accessories.

Hopefully, you won’t need to be worried about dressing up on Halloween anymore. With this Halloween makeup tutorial, you can get that scary look without having to spend too much money. The purpose isn’t to buy a Halloween costume; it’s about participating in the festival. And for that, having a scary face is enough. These were some easy looks I shared to help you out.


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