4 Scary Halloween Makeup Ideas


Halloween is an occasion many people look forward to. Especially kids and youngsters. And the reason for that is pretty simple; they get to dress up in various ways. Looking scary is something necessary on Halloween. There are so many ways to have a scary dress up and look scary. But among them, all is to put some makeup on that looks really scary. It’s the best because sometimes you can’t even tell the difference.

Here, we will be providing you some scary Halloween makeup ideas that you can try. We got these makeup ideas from various makeup artists around the world. You can check them out for more ideas as well.

So, let’s get onto the real thing right away.

Halloween Makeup Ideas

We have lined up some scary makeup looks for beginners. You can go through them if you want to avoid the extra cost of scary Halloween costumes. Let’s get through them quickly.

1. Cutdown the face:

Cutdown the face Halloween Makeup Ideas

Want to look really scary on Halloween? Then you must try this look. It will look like you have a cut down the face. First of all, you will need to use some liquid latex and some tissues. Then create a fake layer of skin on your face.

Choose the direction you want to have a cut on. Then cut that fake skin layer according to your preference. Then fill the insides with some black eyeliner. Then get some fake blood with a thick blood color. Fill them in.

Get a tissue and use some stage blood that has more of a reddish texture. Try going for a sprinkled texture that feels like blood coming outside. Then take some safety pins and stick them on the fake skin layer you created.

Do some basic makeup throughout your face to give it a finishing. That’s it; you are done with the scary face makeup for your Halloween look.

You can check out the video here too.


2. The voodoo doll:

The voodoo doll Halloween Makeup Ideas

One of the scariest Halloween makeup looks you can ever find. If you want to scare someone really hard, this is the look for you. You will need some essential makeup equipment along with some strings and liquid latex.

First, you have to do your eye makeup with some black paint or eyeliner. You can use black eyeshadow to make your whole eye go black. Then use blushers or face paints to draw bruises on your face. You can draw any kind of bruises you want; that’s up to you.

The crucial part of this look is the torn-up lips and mouth. For that, you will need to use some liquid latex all over your mouth. Then use some tissue to create a fake skin layer over your lips. Then cut down the skin in between your upper and lower lip. Take some strings and stitch the whole cut you made on your fake skin. To spice things up, you can add some red color to make it look like blood. That’s it; you are done with a scary makeup look for yourself.

You can check out the video for a better experience.

3. Scary clown:

Halloween Makeup Ideas

To make the look, you won’t need anything extra outside of your makeup kit. You can get this look using different kinds of lip liners and eyeliners. It all depends on how you can blend the different makeup items to get the best results.

Start off by putting some foundation on your face. Make sure the foundation is light and creates a soft layer. Then use black eyeliner to draw two vertical lines right on the starting point of each of your eyebrows. Use a brush to blend it out, so the area looks a bit dark.

Draw some black curved lines parallel to your eyebrows and blend them with a brush. Then draw an outline of the clown face throughout your face and blend them a little. Make sure to keep your eye area darker than other parts of your face. Take a white lip liner to draw the mouth of the clown. Do this according to the outline you drew a little while ago. Try giving them the shape of sharp teeth.

Use some light golden color on a brush to highlight the gums. Then start drawing the black gaps in between teeth to create a sharper image of the teeth. Finally, use a red liner to draw a thick outline of the lips for the clown look. Finish off the look with some black eyeshadow.

You can check out the video below to get more of a distinct idea.

4. Annabelle:

Halloween Makeup Ideas

How about going for the classic Annabelle look. It’s really easy to do as well. All you need for this is just some face paints. First of all, make your face go all white with some face powder or foundation. Then use black paints to draw some lines over your eyebrows. Then create a half-circle towards your nose with the black paint.

Draw lines from your chins towards your jaws. Then draw some lines around your nose and connect them to the lines of your jaw. Use some blusher on your cheeks and in the middle of your chin. Also, highlight some areas with white face paint.

Now come to the eyes. Use black eyeshadow or eyeliner to make your eyelids go completely black. Use some red paints and draw some bruises on your cheeks, just like the ones Annabelle has. And finally, complete the look with the Annabelle wig. This is pretty easy to do as beginners.

Check out the video for understanding better.

Hopefully, these scary Halloween makeup ideas will help you scare some of your friends this Halloween. They aren’t hard to do neither advanced-level stuff. You can do these very easily on your own. We tried to provide you with some video links so you can easily follow along. You can save up some money and time with these ideas.


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