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Fitness is something that anyone would like to have. But to keep up with fitness eating well isn’t enough at times. You must have some physical activities every now and then as well. And you can get that through various exercises.  

This is something you need to build up with time. But for that you will need to begin somewhere you can’t just go to the hardest levels and have the best results. So, here we are with a starter workout for people willing to be fit and healthy. 

These workouts are best for people who haven’t been in touch with any physical action. Also, if you are a beginner these can be helpful for you. Because these are quite easy to do and requires no equipment. As you progress you can make them difficult as you like. 

Let’s check out the different aspects of making a workout plan before going through the exercises. This will really help you make up your own plans later on. 

Guides For Making a Workout Plan

If you are a beginner there are so many things that can go wrong with your workout plan. And with a wrong workout plan, you won’t get any results at all. So, before you plan on your workout you need to think about 4 main aspects. These are frequency, intensity, time, and type. Let’s go through them one by one. 

Frequency: This one means how much do your exercises. The frequency of exercises needs to be in moderation in the beginning phase. For example, when you are starting to plan your workout there will be cardio three times and strength training for three times. Later on, you can bring modifications to this at your own free will. 

Intensity: You need to make sure the workout you do has impact on your body. Otherwise you won’t get the results. When you are starting off don’t go overboard with the intensity. That can lead to serious problems right in the beginning. Make sure to have ease on your workout plan. Specially with the cardio workouts go easy on them as they directly affect your heart rate. Later on, you can increase the difficulties according to your endurance. 

Time: How long you will be exercising has a lot of impact on the results. Obviously the more you exercise the sooner you see the results. But you need to think about your body capabilities. Don’t push yourself too hard. Go for about 20 to 25 minutes of cardio in the beginning then later on add a minute or two. Also, if you don’t have much time you can opt for workout plans with shorter time periods. 

Type: Don’t just go into the critical exercises as you begin. Because it will take away your interest from working out. You can start out with fun and easy exercises. Also, you need to consider their effectiveness on your body. As soon as you make exercise into a habit you can add variations in your exercises or change your workout plans.

After you are done with these you can make a workout plan accordingly. And once you have adjusted to these things try making changes in them to make the workout interesting. Now, lets go through two workout plans you can follow as a beginner. One is a cardio workout and another one is a strength workout plan. 

Cardio Workout For Beginners At Home

This is a great workout for beginners. You don’t need any equipment to these exercises. Also, you can enjoy doing them at your home. This workout plan is a cardio workout for about 15-minutes. Follow this along and you will slowly build up your endurance. 

Jog in place: This one is a very easy to do exercise and it’s great for warming up your body as well. All you need to do is stand at a particular place and start jogging at that place for a while. Make sure to move your arms along with your feet.  This one is great for beginners because it doesn’t require any complex movements and also gets up your heart rate to get you going. Do this for 30 seconds and then get onto the next exercise. 

High-knee march: Now that you have warmed up a little and your heart rate is going fast get into this one. You don’t need to move your position for this one either. Just start marching with your knees as high as possible. This helps you move your feet better which includes all the tight and heavy muscles in your body. You can move along the place if you want to increase the intensity a little bit. Do this one for 30 seconds as well. Then switch to the next exercise. 

Squat with knee raise: This is pretty effective on the stomach and thighs at the same time. Also, it hits your glutes because of the squats. First, get your legs wide apart and hands behind your head. Then get into a deep and proper squat. Now, when you get up from the squat lift one of your knees and try to touch the elbow close to your knee. Then repeat this with your other knee as well. While doing this make sure to breath properly. Try to exhale when your bringing the knees to your elbows. This one works on your core muscles so you will feel the burn in your stomach this time. Do this one for about a minute. 

Crab Walk: Well this one is the fun element of the workout you need to push you through. It affects your arms, legs, back and core muscles all at the same time. Just sit on the floor and bent your knees. Keep your feet flat and your hands on the floor. Make sure your hands are aligned with your shoulders. Now from that position lift yourself up using your legs and arms. Distribute your whole-body weight onto your arms and legs evenly. Then start walking in whichever direction you want.

Once you are done with this then repeat the circle once again. Start off with jogging in place and end with a crab walk. After completing that cycle twice do the following cycle twice. 

Jack and squats: Now you are going towards some more movements. Start this one with 4 jumping jacks. Then get into 2 squats right away. If you are having trouble with the regular jumping jacks you can go for modified jacks where you don’t need to jump at all. Do this one for one minute with 4 jacks and 2 squats. Then get onto the next exercise. 

High-knee march kick: Like the high-knee march from circuit one you do the same things here. First do the basic high-knee march 4 times. Next instead of raising your knees you just kick for 4 times here. This effects your heels and thigh muscles. Make sure your legs are straight when you are kicking. Keep doing this for one minute. 

Modified Push-up: Getting directly into an actual push up might be difficult for some people. So, you can do this one instead. Keep your knees planted on the ground and do pushups in that position. Then you can add a plank side step along with every pushup to make it more effective. Do this for a minute and a half. 

Scatter plyo: For this one, keep one of your feet planted on the ground and take another leg behind that leg like a lunge. You can call this a reverse lunge if you want. While doing the lunges make sure to get your arms at a 90-degree angle and push them backwards. This exercise affects your thighs, glutes, arms, shoulders and your upper back as well. Do this one for a minute then repeat the cycle starting from the jacks. 

You will surely see the results sooner than you think. This is a great workout routine at home for beginners. This basically impacts on all the cardiovascular muscles of your body. If you want to build up on your strength you will need to go with the following workout plan. 

Strength Training Workout For Beginners

If your goal is to gain strength along with keeping up a fit then you can follow this one along with the cardio workout. The advance phases of this workout can really have an impact on your body. 

But in the beginning, you can do some of the easier versions of exercise. Let’s get through them. You will need two dumbbells or some weights for the exercises. You have to do at least 10 reps and 2 sets of each of the exercises. These are great at home workout for beginners

Dumbbell chest press: This exercise hits your chest, shoulder and triceps very well. All you have to do is lie on a bench with your dumbbells. Then get your arms at a 90-degree angle and straighten them up. Keep doing this while making sure the weights are centered over the middle of your chest. It helps your chest muscles along with your arm and shoulders. 

Single arm row: With this exercise you can work on your upper back. Stand with your legs wide apart at hip width. Hold your weights in one hand and take support on something with other hand. Then bend your hips sideways while keeping your back straight and flat. Make sure the weights go up to elbow height and towards your ribs.

Biceps curl: Keep your arms straight and extended in front. Grab two dumbbells on with both hands. Hold them with your palms facing up. Then bring your hands close to your shoulders on at a time. Then get back in the same extended position and bring the other hand towards the shoulder. This will heavily affect your biceps. 

Basic squat: Stand with your legs wide apart. Keep your feet pointed in outward direction. Keep all your weight in the heels and midfoot area sit back and down as if you are sitting on a chair. Sit back until your thighs stand parallel to the ground. Once they are parallel then get back in the standing position. Make sure you back and core is straight at all times.

Bicycle: If you are working on getting rid of your belly fat this is a great exercise for beginners to lose weight at home. It is fairly simple and doesn’t require equipment. All you need to do is simply lay down on your back. Then without lifting up your whole body try to touch your right knee with your left elbow. Then try the same thing with your left knee and right elbow. Keep doing this and you will soon start to feel the burn in your abs. This is excellent workout if you are working for a fat free tummy. 

So, these were some of the exercises that might help you gain strength in your body. If you feel you have gone weak then only eating will not give you strength. Along with eating try out these basic strength exercises to get some assistance. And if you want to gain more strength then add elements to this workout routine make it more interesting and effective. 


There you go we gave you a short guide towards starter workout you can try at home. The cardio one is a must try if you want to keep fit and be active. As that one doesn’t require any equipment and doesn’t involve much difficulties either. Do the strength training workout if you feel like the cardio isn’t being enough for you and you want to extend past that. Both of these workout plans can really help you to get started on your fitness journey. And also, now you know the tricks to set up your own workout plan as well.

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