9 Barre Exercises For Your Fitness


Barre fitness is a popular form of workout these days. This is a combination of yoga, Pilates, and ballet. You don’t need many things for the workouts. Barre exercises are a bit different from other forms of exercises. The movements you have to do here aren’t the usual ones for workouts.

Here we will be talking about a whole barre workout session. Before we get right into it, let’s check out some of the benefits.

Benefits of Barre Workout 

The benefits you get from barre workouts are many. The benefit you right from the moment you start off with them. Let’s go through the benefits then. 

Improved posture: In this workout session, your chest and shoulders will go through the strengthening of muscles. They will eventually get you rid of a bad posture. After a number of sessions, you will notice a change in your posture.  So, it doesn’t take much time to affect your body either.

Strengthens stomach muscles: You will see the immense effect on your abs by following the barre core workouts. They directly attack your core muscles, especially in the stomach. This works out because a lot of them are focused on keeping balance and alignment. So, whenever you are going through the workout, you will notice going through some intense core workout. This keeps your tummy toned up and strengthens your stomach muscles. 

Help get a solid back: As we said above this workout can affect your core muscles. So, basically along with your tummy, it affects your back too. The kind of movements you make in the whole workout puts an impact on the muscles of your spine. This releases all the tension gathered around the spine and lowered the back. As it improves your posture, you are not stuck in a lousy posture around your back. This helps you get rid of the pain in the lower back. It’s great for people who have sat and work for hours after hours.

You get defined muscle: The workout doesn’t focus on muscle building. It works on toning and structuring your muscles. Also, it helps to strengthen your muscles. They affect the muscles of your whole body. If you combine some weights into your workouts, you can have better results. They will help you get much more defined muscles, especially in the arms. Once again, this isn’t a muscle-building workout; they are mostly muscle improving workouts.

Become more flexible: You will be having a lot of stretching here in the workout. This will eventually get you to a position where you will be more flexible. The movements of the workout feature a lot of stretched movements. So, you will go through intense stretching workouts.  While on that process, your muscles and joints will become much more flexible. The ballet barre workout gives you different movements to loosen up your body muscles. This makes you become more flexible.

Affects the glutes: This workout works wonders on the glutes. If you want your rears to pop up without hitting the gym, this can work effectively. Working on your glutes isn’t just about shaping your back. A strong core is another purpose of that. Strengthened glutes can help you keep the balance for other movements. 

Slims you down faster: Even though the workouts aren’t focused on losing weight, they still help you get slim. You won’t get the results like the weight loss ones but they will be effective. Also, you will feel slimmer due to the better posture and alignment of your body. All of your muscles will feel much more toned and tighter. They will be more defined so you will look slimmer. 

Helps reduce stress: Between high-intensity workout and something less intense like yoga is barre workouts. It’s not very intense so you will have a calm mind while working out. This eventually gets all the stress from your mind and body. Focus on the movements is the key to success in barre workouts. These make the brain work while you are physically working out at the same time. So, you can reduce stress and strengthen your muscle equally. 

So, these were the benefits you get from regular barre workout sessions. But it’s not about benefits all the time. There are some drawbacks to this workout. 

You don’t get functional strength from the workout. 

They aren’t focused much on your heart. 

You will be limited to a certain amount of strength and can’t get further. 

Whatever results you see are in the beginning only. You won’t have much progress later on.

Well, these are the drawbacks of the workouts. They can be ignored because the actual purpose of this isn’t about functional strength or gaining muscles. It’s more about a toned and fit body.  Now let’s go through the whole workout session. 

The barre workout session

Barre workouts can be done without equipment. But having a pair of dumbbells isn’t the worst idea. As a result, you can do most of them in your houses. They don’t take much of your time; you can do all of these in just about 15 minutes. So, here is some best at-home barre workout you can follow along. 

Sumo Squat: As barre workout helps you getting balance and alignment, you need to work on your legs the most. This one here targets your legs ultimately. All you need to do is spread your legs wide. Then bend your upper body a little and try sitting on thin air. Make sure to keep your spine straight and long and your shoulders wide. Join your hands in the midline of your chest. Hold the position for 5 deep breaths then stand up with your legs wide apart. Do 30 reps of this, and you can add large motions for variations in the exercise. Then you can do 15 reps of that if you wish to. 

Power leg: Don’t let this one fool you with its simplicity. This one can hit your quads hard, and you will feel the burn. You just have to lift up your heel and stand on the fingers of your feet. Bend your knees while holding a chair in front of you. Make sure your hips and spine are entirely straight. Also, keep your shoulders relaxed. Find a challenging position where you can feel the pain. Do 30 reps of this one. You will surely see the effects soon. This one works on your legs the most. 

Shoulder walks: This one affects your arms. These help in getting toned and defined arm muscles. You will need dumbbells or weights to perform this exercise. Stand with your feet straight and keep a little gap in between them. Now, pick up 2 or 3 pounds of weights in each hand. Raise one of your arms up and get one of them down, so it touches your thigh. Then slowly raise the lower arm and bring the upper arm down. Do this until they meet in the middle. Make sure the arms stay parallel to the floor. Then switch the arms, which means you have to raise the lower arm and vice versa. Do this for about 3 minutes. 

Reverse pushups: This one is a beneficial exercise for your arms and your core. This mainly hits the triceps the most. Just place your hands on the floor and lift your body up. Keep all the body weight on our hands. You must ensure that your arms are entirely straight to your shoulders. Don’t put much stress on your legs. Try to keep your body straight and support your whole body with just the arms. Then hold the position for a while and get back down. Keep repeating this for about 30 reps. This one will have an impact on your triceps, biceps, and help you strengthen your core. 

Thigh super burner: As you already know from the name, this one focuses on your thighs. It affects your glutes and helps you get a nice shape for your back. Firstly, hold a bar or a chair with your hands and keep your toes pointed out. Then bend your right knee 90 degrees and lift it up. Bring the toes of your right leg closer to the back of your left knee. Then get back in the straight knee position. Do 10 reps of this movement. Then switch your legs and repeat the same thing with the other leg. Do a total of 20 reps of this one to get effective thighs and glutes. 

Seesaw pushup: This exercise can affect your knees and your glutes the most. They are helpful for your arms. This is something that works on your whole body, and it’s not difficult to do either. First, you get in a pushup position. Bend one of your knees from there. Keep your other leg straight and start taking pushups. Make sure to lift up the straight leg towards the ceiling. Then get the leg back down to complete one rep. Do 8 reps of this one and then switch your legs. So, do a total of 16 reps of this exercise to help your glutes shape up. 

Superman: Well, it sounds very catchy, and it’s useful too. This one is a perfect example of a barre ab workout. It works mostly on your core muscles and strengthens them. Core muscle strength is the secret to a successful workout session. Also, it helps in building more stamina. For this one, you just have to lie on your stomach. Keep your legs and arms extended. Then lift your upper body and your legs up at the same time. You will be putting all your body weight on your abs. Hold the position for three counts and get down. Do this one for a minute or two. 

V-ups: This is another exercise that works on your core muscles. It’s a good barre ab workout. You have to lay on your back, keep your arms and legs straight. Now lift your arms, legs, and torso at the same time. Try to touch your toes with your fingers. You have to be very careful not to bend your back at all. Keep your back and arch straight. Hold the position for few seconds then return to the lying position. Do 15 reps of this one to feel the burn on your abs. 

Plank with core hold: Planks are always a great exercise. No matter what your purpose is planks have an immense impact on your body. In this one, you just have to get in the traditional plank position. Now get one knee up to your chest when you exhale. Lift up your abdomen and hold that position for a second. Then straighten your knee and repeat the same thing with the other leg. Do this for about one minute. This will affect your whole body and strengthen your muscles. 


Barre exercises can be beneficial and practical. Also, at the same time, they are pretty easy to do. You can easily do them at your home. But for the best and perfect results, it’s always better to opt for professionals.

Many studios work only for barre workouts. We suggest taking their help for the best possible results. From this article, you can start your fitness journey with barre workouts. 

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