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We all know how picky toddlers can be when it comes to their meals. So lunch ideas for toddlers can be tricky. Kids need to like their food and also get their necessary nutrition at the same time. It can be hard to make them like nutritious items, but you should not give up so fast! In this article, we will give you some exclusive toddler lunch ideas which are easy to make and will make your kid finish the plate within no time.

Before you start making lunch for your beloved toddler, you need to know what exactly they need to have in their meal. Toddlers are always growing. So they must get enough nutrition. It depends on you a lot because you are the one on the selection board.

Make sure your kid is getting at least one serving of fruit. Fruits have no competition in terms of vital nutrients.

Your toddler might not like vegetables, but you need to make it a part of their meal. One serving of veggies will help your kid to boost the immune system.

Proteins can be in the form of dairy, meat, or poultry. Doesn’t matter which form it is in, it plays a vital role in your toddler’s growth. So the minimum of one serving is a must.

Carbohydrates are vital for energy. Want your kid to be energetic throughout the day? Make sure he’s getting at least one serving of complex carbohydrates.

For the proper growth of your child, fat is essential. You can try fats in the form of dairy or plant-based fats.

These are the vital parts of lunch for the kid. Now let’s dive into the baby lunch ideas even a picky toddler will eat.

1. Fruit pizza:

An easy option for lunch is a fruit pizza. Also, some scoop of chocolate- Hazelnut can make the kid fall for it.

2. Hummus Sandwich:

Take two slices of bread and spread hummus on them. Cut them into smaller pieces, so your kid has no problem eating them.

3. Taco salad:

Take some fruits, beans, veggies, and mix them with cheese to make a puree. Then put it inside a taco, a healthy lunch idea.

4. Veggie Muffins

Muffins are a favorite choice for kids. They are also healthy if you put veggies inside them. Also, they are quite a handy option because you can reheat and give them to your child.

5. Egg muffins

Make the cupcakes a bit more appealing by putting eggs and cheese in them. Some kids might find the hard yolks not so attractive, but it’s okay. Go with just the whites for now.

6. Sandwich spirals

Sandwiches are a versatile option as you can make a different sandwich just by changing what you put inside of the pieces of bread. Spread cream cheese or chocolate inside and create a healthy and tasty lunch for the toddler.

7. Pancakes

This is one item that everyone likes to have on the weekend. So next time, when you are making them, increase the quantity. It is the lunch item for the kid tomorrow!

8. Oats with yogurt

Oats are mainly known as a breakfast item. Bit, who said you couldn’t have oats for lunch? Mix it with yogurt and put some fruits like berries in it. It will become softer, and your kid will love it for lunch.

9. Mac and cheese bites

People of all ages love Mac and cheese. Your kids will love this too.

10. Sweet and sour chili

This vintage item can be a delicious lunch option for anyone. But be careful of the spice, your kid might find it challenging to eat with extra spice.

11. Potato wedges

Potatoes are a great source of carbohydrates. Some wedges with honey mustard sauce can be significant.

12. Creamy noodles with peas

This is another quick, easy, and tasty lunch item. Most kids love noodles, so you better keep the ingredients within your reach.

13. Cheeseburger mini muffins

These tiny little muffins will give your kid the taste of a cheeseburger without resorting to fast food. It can be a great lunch idea for picky toddlers

14. Cheese and crackers

Cut the cheese and add some crackers with it. You can also put some meats and fruits as a treat.

15. Fruit box

Want to give your kid a full fruity lunch? Well, cut the fruits your kid likes, in small pieces, and put it in their box—a healthy alternative to the fast foods. You can also mix them with fruit syrup if your id likes that.

16. Mexican rice salad

Rice salad is an easy hack for you. Just simply mix the rice with some black beans, cheese, and sweetcorn. Add other fruit also if your toddle likes it.

17. Margherita tortilla pizza

Like a typical pizza, add some tomato puree, cheddar, and pasta sauce. Bake it in the oven, and you have made a delicious lunch for the kid.

18. Sandwich Sushi

Sushi is a portion of authentic Japanese food. But here you can give it a different taste. Roll a piece of bread with some butter and chicken in it. And then cut it into small pieces of sushi. Cute, isn’t it?

19. Fish fingers

This particular item is finger-licking good. Even me being in my early twenties crave for these sometimes. Serve the fish fingers with white sauce or honey mustard sauce.

20. Peanut butter sandwich

The sandwich can never go wrong with peanut butter in it. Also, add some cheese and sliced apples for a different taste. Fruits are always better, right?

21. Egg toast

Eggs are exceptional food items and can play a versatile role in the menu. Make a bread toast with a whole egg in it. Congratulations! You have just fulfilled your kid’s need for protein for lunch.

22. Chicken wraps

Wraps can be different depending on what you stuff them with. But this combination of cheese and chicken can never go wrong. Add some avocadoes too if you want. 

23. Pasta

Pasta for lunch is a no brainer. Add different ingredients, and your pasta is different from the last time. You can always add some small pieces of chicken and veggies for enhancing the taste.

24. Cheesecake

Sounds like a desert, but trust me, your toddle will love to have this in his lunch. Make a cheesecake dip with some seasonal fruit like berries, grapes and you are done. 

25. Cheese bites

Let’s wrap these ideas up with a mouth-watering item, the cheese bites. Often toddlers love cauliflower cheese, so adding that will be the right choice. This classic dish will make your toddle lick the box within no time.

Things to remember

While making lunch for your toddler, make sure you have given particular thought to safety. Toddlers do not have much chewing ability like us grownups. So it is crucial to make soft and straightforward food for them. Avoid popcorn and hot dogs, which might cause choking.

Try to add some fun factors to the food items. Remember, kids, are always interested in colorful pieces. So try to mix and match some colorful fruits or veggies on the menu. Another exciting addition can be the colorful lunchbox for toddlers. Bring the ones with your kid’s favorite cartoon character on them and it will do half of the job for you.

Food must be easy to have. Toddlers might change their mood of having the food if they are challenging to devour. So try providing them with something simple. They should be small in size and also easy to pick up with a spoon or fork.

Remember the health concerns. If your kid is allergic to some foods, you must avoid them. It might happen that you are not fully aware of the allergies. In that case, notice their behavior. If you find something unusual, concern a specialist.

Kids learn from everything, even from their food items. So try not to repeat the things you are giving them. Repetitive lunch can make them demotivated to eat. On the other hand, a change in the menu and exciting lunch boxes will create excitement in them. They will look forward to eating and thus stay healthy and grow. 

Toddlers are tough to feed. They change the mood in like two seconds and can deny eating what you just made with so much hard work. “What should I give them for lunch” is a common question that roams around in our minds every day. In this article, we tried to give you some new and delicious toddler lunch ideas. Now it is up to you how you make them. Rotate the items every day and put the nutritious ingredients. And yes, pour a lot of love in it too.

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