10-Minute Morning Workouts To Stay Fit


Do you want to stay fit but can’t make enough time to hit the gym? Then this is just the place for you. Here, we will be sharing some morning workouts you can do within just 10-minutes. 

We will be talking about three different types of workout regimes you can follow. These 10-minute morning workouts are surely enough to keep you fit. You don’t need anything extra to do the workouts. They are pretty easy to do.

So, let’s just get right into them. 

Morning workout regimes 

The workout sessions we are talking about here are mostly concerned with the intense nature of the workout. We are giving you two options you can go with. One is highly intensive, and another one is a bit less intense. But we can assure you both of these workout sessions are effective and very helpful. They require just 10 minutes of your morning. 

One is high-intensity interval training, and another one is low-intensity interval training. Let’s go through them one by one. 

High-intensity interval training (HIIT)

This one is a 10-minute intense workout session. So, you can expect a lot of sweating and muscle burning on this one. This is basically a combination of high-intensity cardio done in short intervals. Because of the higher intensity, your body can burn more calories than usual. It also affects the heart rate greatly.

For the high-intensity interval training, you can follow the below exercises.

Hill sprinting: Hill sprinting is basically sprinting with some form of added resistance. For this one, look for a slope or steep. Then start running on the ground and pull yourself on top of the hill structure. Do this in one motion and then rest for a bit on the top. Then get down and keep repeating this. This will help your heart rate get going faster, especially when you are going towards the tip of the hill.  

Intense sprinting and rest: If you don’t have a hill or slopes around you then you can just do regular sprinting as well. But make sure your heart rate doesn’t go overboard. In this exercise, you need to go for full speed sprinting for 30 seconds and then slow down for 30 seconds. Keep sprinting and resting for about 10 minutes to feel the heat in your body and muscles. 

Skipping: Another intense exercise you can do is skipping. This is a very efficient and easy to do exercise. Also, you don’t need much space to this one either. To make it highly intensive, you can make your knees jump higher as well. Add some intervals in between some skips to have resting time. Make sure to skip fast and extended so that it becomes intense and not very easy. This exercise hits most of the muscles of your body as you will constantly be jumping.

Follow these exercises keeping them highly intense and also keeping your heart rate in check. If you haven’t been into much physical activity recently, then we suggest starting with the low intense workout session.

Low intensive steady state (LISS)

These workouts are suitable for older people. Also, if you have been out of physical activities, you can start with this one. These aren’t much intense, so almost anyone can do them. These are great morning exercise routine for beginners. Let’s go through them. 

Walking: Even though this might not sound like an exercise but walking really helps you out. Walking for about 10 minutes can affect your body in ways you might not even think of. It can trigger the release of endorphins which is really helpful for your body in the morning. Most importantly, this is really easy to follow and not stray away from exercising. You can take a walk with your dog in the morning, even for pleasure as well. So, sticking to this exercise routine is easy.

Yoga: Yoga is a great exercise to perform in the morning. It not only affects your body but also changes your mind. There are so many different yoga exercises you can try and perform. They aren’t intense or challenging to do at all. Also, yoga has a lot of physical benefits, as well. Such as tightening your muscles and skins, making your body much more flexible, and helps in reducing tension all over your body. Following this, every day will surely have an impact on you.

Swimming: If you can swim for 10 minutes in the morning, well you won’t be needing any other exercise. Because swimming is the perfect activity for working all the muscles of your body, it’s one exercise that gives you the same benefits of a full-body workout. You can try out different strokes to make the exercise even more useful.

As you can tell, these are some very general forms of exercise. The only intention of following them is to keep fit. They help you lead a healthy life with a minimum effort every day. They aren’t focused on strength or muscle building. The goal here is to keep everyone fit. Especially the people who can’t make enough time to hit the gym can be beneficial with all these because a healthy body will let them function better.  

Now let’s get into something that affects our body a bit more. We will get you through a complete workout of 10 minutes. These exercises help you stay in shape, also strengthens your muscles. Some of them are a bit technical and rough at times so older people might not be able to keep up with these.   

The 10-minute workout session 

You can do all of these at your home without any equipment. They aren’t tough to do either. But you will need to go through these exercises with minimum breaks. These usually affect different parts of your body and have various purposes as well. All in all, this is the perfect full-body workout at home. Let’s get started. 

Jumping Jacks: This one is an excellent exercise for warming up your body and also works as cardio at the same time. Well, you already get from the name, you will be jumping on this one. It’s relatively simple as well. First, you have to stand in such a way that your legs stay together and your arms on your thighs. Then you have to jump and spread your legs. While you are jumping, make sure to cover your arms as well. Then get back in the previous position with a jump. Keep doing this for a minute. This will warm you up and get you going. You can gradually build your speed to make it more effective. 

Front planks: Do you have fat on your tummy? Are you looking to strengthen your core muscles? Well, then there is nothing better than planks. There are so many kinds of planks, and surprisingly, they all are effective. Here, we will be talking about just the basic plank. It’s pretty easy. You have to start by lying flat on your stomach. Then lift your body putting all of your weight on your toes and elbows. Makes sure your body is as straight as an arrow. Hold this position for 20 seconds. Then go back to lying flat on the stomach. Repeat this twice. This also works as a full-body workout as it can hit different muscles of your body. It helps in losing weight and fat too. 

Pectoral Stretch: This is an excellent exercise for people with a bad posture. It’s not very difficult, and anyone can do this one. All you have to do is sit on the chair and keep your body straight. Then lift your hands like you would do to surrender. Take your hands back until you feel the muscles hitting on. You should start feeling the burn in your chest and also in your back. Hold your hands back for 20 seconds then get back in the previous position. Repeat this once again. This will straighten your spine and help you get rid of bad posture completely. It also helps you get free of some chest fat as well.

Wall squats: Well, if you are looking for strong thigs and glutes this is the exercise to get that. This one affects your thigh and glute muscles. It’s easy to do, as well. All you have to do is lean against a wall and keep your feet in front. Then slide down the wall and get in a sitting position. Make sure your thighs straight and parallel to the floor. Also, make sure your toes are parallel to your knees. Then get back in the same standing position. Do these 30 times. It’ll surely help you shape your butt.  

Shoulder retracting: To strengthen your shoulder muscles, you can do this one. It’s very easy you don’t have to go through much hassle for this one. Just sit on a chair and push your arms against your body. When you do this, make sure to get your shoulder blades in an inward direction. Finally, relax your shoulder. Repeat this process 40 times. You can take a break after 20 times and then resume. This shapes up your shoulders nicely and also strengthens them. Stiff shoulders can help you in many exercises as supporting roles.

Hamstring stretch: Hamstrings are a very crucial part of our body. You might have seen many professional players suffering from hamstring injuries. Hamstring muscles are very tight and solid. So, there are high chances of getting them injured. Hamstring stretches you loosen the muscles and make them more flexible. You can do it while sitting on a chair. While keeping your back and one leg straight tries pressing your knee of that leg. Make sure your body stays utterly straight while doing this. You will feel a stretch on your thighs. Hold your leg in this stretched position for about 20 seconds. Then switch your legs. This will help you lose all the tension from your thighs and make your hamstring more flexible. 

Calf Raises: Defined and toned calf muscles is a desire of many men. They go through intense training for this. But you can get them at home with this exercise with some time. All you need to do is stand up straight and hold something for support. Then get your heels off the ground and stand on your toes. Then get back on your feet. Repeat this one for 30 times. Once you get it down, you can increase the number to 45. You can break the exercise down to 3 sets if you want. This strengthens your calf muscles, and they look better toned and defined. 

Quadricep stretch: This is a pretty standard exercise done for warming up and flexibility. All you do in this one is stand while holding something for support. Then lift one of your legs and touch your butt with the heel of your leg. Hold this position for about 20 seconds then go back to standing. Then switch the leg and repeat the same thing. This loosens up your thigh muscles and also affects your knee. It’s excellent for increasing flexibility.

These are some of the exercises you can easily do in the morning in just 10-minutes. All of these are made to affect every part of your body. 


There you go we gave you a 10-minute morning workout plan you can follow to stay fit and healthy. These exercises hit all the muscles of your body. They don’t specifically serve a purpose. Some of them help in strengthening muscles and some help in losing weight or fat. But the important part is that you can be fit without having to hit the gym at all. Also, you will see the results of these if you are consistent with the exercise routine. 

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